Mercedes Benz O321H

finished in crimson and cream.

(without roof rack)

Pre-order only

£220.00 +p&p

Mercedes Benz O321H

finished in niagara blue/prussian blue with roof rack

Pre-order only

£240.00 +p&p

Mercedes Benz L608

finished in grey

£105.00 +p&p

Volkswagen Variant Type 3 1600

finished in grey, also available in white and grey/white

£87.00 +p&p

Mercedes Benz Ponton 200D Universal

finished in anthracite grey

£87.00 +p&p

Mercedes Benz 200 Fintail

Available in anthracite grey or white

£77.50 +p&p

Volkswagen Type 3 1600 Notchback

available in grey and white

£67.50 +p&p

Mercedes Benz 190 SL

available in red and silver

£89.50 +p&p

Opel Blitz Fire Tender

£120 +p&p


Mercedes Benz 450 SL

£18.00 +p&P

Box Trailer

£29.50 +p&p

Open Trailer in cream or grey

£24.00 +p&p

Land Rover Series 1

Supplied in plain light duck egg or dark green, we also supply them in various liveries

£35 +p&p (plain)

£40 +p&p in liveries



British Rail early crest

British Rail late  crest